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Wake up call for education transformation

Published Jul 24, 2018

Education is an essential aspect of life which demands both the government and its citizen’s engagement and participation to ensure quality delivery and this is pertinent to the overall development of the Nigerian economy. Learning to read and write is a fundamental human right that so many children in developed countries are privileged to, however according to the 2015 UNESCO Institute for Statistic research, only 59.6% of the Nigerian population are literate.

The World Bank’s 2014 report estimates that despite over 30 million children being enrolled in primary and secondary school, around 30% of these children are not attending schools. The various reasons for this are due to the lack of proper schooling facilities such as lack of water and sanitation, lack of qualified teachers, lack of proper learning resources such as books, libraries and classroom facilities, and for many Nigerian parents who are living below or on the poverty line, it can be the cost associated with sending a child to school.

It is high time we all wake up and prioritize education in Nigeria because it affects us all directly and indirectly. Take this action to urge Channels TV to invite the Minister of Education to its Sunrise Daily Program to update Nigerians about the activities and plans of the Federal Government in revamping the system for the benefit of the millions of Nigerians who cannot afford good private or foreign schools.

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Call on Channels TV to invite the Education Minister to tell Nigerians about government's plans to revamp education

Please invite the minister of education to give update on how the government is revamping the education sector
Mr John Momoh, Chairman/CEO, Channels TV Nigeria

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