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Shame of Public Education in Nigeria

Published Sep 17, 2018

Bloomberg published an article titled ‘No Books, No Desks, No Pay: Nigeria’s Education System Is Failing’ on the 12th of September, 2018. The article explains how corruption, lack of investment and the flight of qualified instructors abroad and to private sector jobs have put the public education system in a decaying state for decades. Read full article here.


Following this was another article published by West African Reporters on the 16th of September 2018 titled ‘Shame of Public Education in Kwara State’. The article was about the concern and dissatisfaction of a civil society organization called Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD) with the sorry state of public education in Kwara state. Read full article here.

These articles are true reflections of the state of many public schools across Nigeria, where millions of children are expected to receive quality education. It is true that citizens elect and expect the elected leaders to do the needful but time has proven that this is not the case if the citizens truly want the elected leaders to get the job done. Citizens must be awake to continuously engage the leaders and make demand.

Please join ENetSuD to remind the Kwara State Government that the public Schools in Kwara State need urgent attention. 

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Public schools in Kwara State need urgent attention

Dear @AbdulfataAhmed, I stand with @enetsud to bring to your attention the state of public schools in Kwara State as shown in this article https://bit.ly/2MCfuGL by @Afrikareport. What are you doing to stop this growing decay? @kwaragovt

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