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Moulding Nigeria's Education with Your Vote

Published Dec 26, 2018

As the 2019 general elections draw nearer, citizens must know how their decisions on the Election Day affect the whole educational system and generations yet unborn. It is time to think about how our own behaviour regarding the election can mould the education system in the country.

Election Day is far more important than most want to admit. This day is the day when a citizen’s right to vote has a say in shaping the whole system. The right to vote isn’t just a right, it is both an obligation and a privilege. It is the most powerful tool in democratic system.

As an active citizen, we urge you to share this tweet to remind your followers on the importance of their vote and why they must shun vote merchandise and vote right. 

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Are you still considering to vote in 2019 or not? Please read this article on WHY you MUST vote, and VOTE right in 2019. Find article here: http://bit.ly/NaijaVote @inecnigeria @YIAGA

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