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Our Educational System Needs Urgent Attention

Published Jan 10, 2019

Every corner you turn to in Nigeria, you will hear people complaining about how bad things have become. This will remain so because no nation can brow beyond the quality of its education. So beyond just complaining, it is high time all citizens contribute to solving the problems in the education sector.

Every citizen must be involved in bringing in solutions one way or the other. We urge you to send this email to all the major political parties in Nigeria to remind them to prioritize education before and after the elections. Little action like this can make a big difference.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world" - Howard Zinn

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Send this email to ANN - Alliance for New Nigeria to Prioritize Education

From a Concerned Citizen: I Want You to Prioritize Education
National Chairman, ANN

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