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School feeding programme sign post without activity at Hayatudeen Islamic Primary School

Published Apr 27, 2019

The Federal Government of Nigeria launched the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme in 2017 primarily to improve the enrolment of primary school children in Nigeria and reduce the current dropout rates from primary school. Since the launch, over 183 million dollars has been spent, 101,915 cooks have been engaged, 53,604 schools served and over 9.3 million children in primary schools across 26 states are being fed.

Imagine the smiles on these over 9.3 million children’s faces every time they are fed in school. This is what the children at Hayatudeen Islamic Primary School; a conventional school in Tungan Makama, Niger State have been dreaming of since the government erected a sign post that says the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme is being implemented in their school since January 2019 but beyond the sign post, no child has been fed.

The school authority has done all they could to get the government to fulfill her promise to the children but no action has been taken. We urge all active citizens to take this action to draw the attention of the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to the situation for his help. 

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Call on the Vice President to intervene in Hayatudeen Islamic Primary School

Your Excellency @ProfOsinbajo, Hayatudeen Islamic Primary School in Niger State has a sign post of the @NHGSFP since January 2019 but no child has been fed once, Please take action on the children’s behalf. Thank you.

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