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Inside the broken schools in Nasarawa State where pupils sit on the floor to learn

Published Jul 8, 2019

Have you seen this report published by Premium Times? The report reflects on how children are struggling to learn in unfriendly and unconducive environments. According to the report, “An estimated N18 billion has been allocated to education in Nasarawa State in the last 14 years. Unfortunately, some schools in the state have little to show for this huge investment in the sector.”

We are calling on you to sign this petition for the governor to take drastic actions to change the face of education in the state. 

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Petitioning Nasarawa State Governor to take drastic actions to improve the poor learning conditions across the state

Your Excellency,

As concerned active citizens, It breaks our heart to learn of the poor learning condition in Nasarawa State as investigated and reported by Premium Times. We are aware you inherited the current state of education in the state but we believe there are a lot of things you can do within the next four years.

Nasarawa State as the 'Home of Solid Mineral' in Nigeria cannot underplay the importance of giving her children a quality education. The state needs a well-educated workforce that can maximize the potentials of the resources of the state.

We are therefore recommending that the state government set up a committee to look into the Premium Times report and design an action plan on how to fix these schools highlighted in the report. We believe this will go a long way to show that the government is open to feedback from citizens and capable of changing the current situation of education in the state for the benefit of all residents, especially the most vulnerable.

Please see this as an opportunity to leave a legacy that cannot be matched anytime soon.


In service,

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