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The plight of Zabeyidna Primary School in Niger State

Published Jul 8, 2019

The only school in Zabeyidna Community was established in 1992 and since then, the government has not put up any structure or provide relevant learning resources in the school. The only dilapidated buildings in the school were built as a community self-help project many years ago.


There is no junior secondary school in the community and its environs, upon completion of primary school, the children would travel for over 8 kilometres on foot through bush paths to access the closest junior secondary school in Kaduna State called Dulu Tafa Junior School. Unconfirmed reports have it that there have been cases of female students been raped as well as cases of missing boys and girls on their way to Dulu Tafa. The route to Dulu Tafa has become very dangerous and many children, especially the girls are unable to proceed to secondary school due to fear of being kidnapped, raped or used for rituals.

Together we can bring hope to Zabeyidna Community. Sign this petition to call for a quick positive response from the state government and other relevant stakeholders. 

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Petitioning Niger State Governor to provide conducive learning environment for Zabeyidna Community Primary School children

Your Excellency,

Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello,

The Executive Governor,

Niger State of Nigeria.


We the undersigned active citizens are using this means to bring to your attention the report that was submitted recently on itakeactions.org about the poor state of Zabeyidna Primary School, located in Gurara Local Government Area of your state (Niger State). The children in Zabeyidna Community are denied the right to quality free basic education. The only public school in the community was established in the year 1992 with no building, chairs, desks, books, library, toilets and other relevant learning resources a school is supposed to have.


The school has just 5 teachers to cater to over 200 pupils and the only dilapidated buildings in the school were built through a community self-help effort. We are therefore calling on you sir, the state government and other relevant stakeholders (copied below) to as a matter of emergency consider and act on the following recommendations:


  1. Build enough classrooms to cater to the learning needs of the over 200 pupils including an admin office.
  2. Provide chairs and desks for these children.
  3. Establish a Junior Secondary School to serve Zabeyidna Community and other neighbouring communities. The long distances through bush paths to access Dulu Tafa Junior School in Kaduna State has become very dangerous for these children.
  4. Send or appoint more qualified teachers to the school.


We look forward to an appropriate and quick positive response from you.

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