How my step father sexually abused me

Published Jul 18, 2021


“One in four girls  experience sexual abuse by the time she is sixteen, and 48 percent of all rapes involve a young woman under the age of eighteen.  and 10 per cent of boys have been victims of sexual violence. Of the children who reported violence, fewer than five out of a 100 received any form of support. The drivers of violence against children (VAC) are rooted in social norms, including around the use of violent discipline, violence against women and community beliefs about witchcraft, all of which increase children’s vulnerability.

Read Fumi's story below


My step father ruin my Life - Fumi (not real name)

`Fumi was ten years old when an incident happenned in her life that ruined her plans for the future. According to Fumi, one faithful monday she had gotten set to go to school as usual her step dad dropped her in school, she never knew her step dad negative intentions towards her.

On their way to school, her step dad changed the direction and was heading towards his office, with curiousity she asked, dad won't you drop me in school first? her step dad didnt reply her, she was anxious but not so worreid because she was safe with her step dad, when they got to the office, her step dad asked her to come in, trusting him she followed but not knowing what her step dad was up to, he asked her to lie down on the chair, at that moment he was pulling off his trouser, she started crying and was saying daddy is me your daughter but he didn't listen, she wanted to shout but he covered her mouth and treatened to kill her.

''At this point I was helpless and hopeless and he raped with me, He kept abusing me sexually till I was seventeen, I told my mother but she didn't believe me. I didn't have a choice but to run away from home, I could'nt trust anybody, I couldn't seek for Justice, I started living the life I didn't plan to live''.

Fumi was supported and empowered by our team and she has decided to join the campaign to get justice for victims of sexual abuse and support them.

There are so many women who have experienced what Fumi experienced and had to live with this pain into adulthood. But we cant fold our arms, keep silent about it and allow this to injustice to continue.

Support us to seek for justice and support for victims of sexual abuse and also to end this evil act against children, especially the girl child in our society. 



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