Desperate times as Nigerians cry out for good governance

Published Jul 8, 2022

It has become a tough job to be a Nigerian as life in Nigeria is strongly shaped by many challenges. There is an increase in inflation and unemployment ,the Naira keeps falling like a weak - kneed aged creature .there is power outraged amidst teething fuel scarcity .Insecurity has become rife.

Being Nigerian has never been harder than it is at the moment. As  Nigerian economy nosedived as a plane that has lost control and is about to crash, unprecedented economic hardship and suffering has befallen the nation.sadly at the receiving end of all that happens or does not  happen to Nigeria is the average Nigerian in Nigeria has become all about survival of the fittest for the Average Nigerian, who has to face the good ,the bad and the is time to wake up...Enough is avoid regret in the future,adult of voting age in Nigeria  should ensure that they get their PVCs in preparation for the 2023 general election.. Nigerians must not sit on the fence  but must participate activity.. Their votes remains thier only vital tools that would be used to decide the future trajectory of the county post 2023...let your PVCs bring the positive change that we all desire ...Get your PVCs now


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If there are truly dividends of democracy, the masses have not tasted such in the last six years; rather they have been fed with stone in the place of bread and blood in place of water. Get your PVCs now let's vote in good governance, your vote is your power.

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