Vaccines works, let’s protect our children from preventable diseases today.

Published Jul 19, 2021

As a medical volunteer/student, I see children every day whose lives have been significantly improved by the immunizations we now have available. Preventive Immunizations have so changed our world that we no longer remember how horrible some diseases were.

We are certainly aware of the potential for adverse reactions to these vaccines, but we must maintain the perspective that these reactions are extremely rare. I do not wish to minimize the suffering and losses of families who could not prevent their children from contracting certain diseases due to non accessibility to vaccines, but we must remember that immunization remain the most powerful and cost effective means of preventing disease in this modern era.

In the fight against pneumonia and hepatitis in children, in Nigeria, progress has already been made but there is still a long way to go especially with the effects of corona virus which had only our more children at risk.

We can only continue fighting for a better health system for our children especially for those who do not not have enough resources at their disposal and if we can/must, preventing them from contracting any diseases should be our utmost goal.

Join us at REACHi Africa, in our fight to ensure that every child's future is secured as we launch our next health outreach for the year - Project REAP; where will be providing basic health education, free health consultation to pregnant women and nursing mothers and also providing free pneumonia and hepatitis vaccination to 100 children in Chikun, LGA of Kaduna State.

With as low as 1000, you can support a child health and help secure his/her future.

Remember, only Healthy children can read and be every/anything.

Support their Health, Support their Future!




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