Giving Yakubu a Level Playing Field

Published Nov 23, 2021

Yakubu Salisu hails from Borno state, born and raised in his home town Maimalari. He is the first son of a family of four, with his mother as the only surviving parent, as his father died from an insurgency attack.

He has spent most of his teenage into adult years experiencing the gunshots and bomb blast terrors of the Boko Haram insurgency. Several times his entire village gets evacuated based on information on an impending visit from the terrorists. Other times the visit meets them unaware and had to scamper for their lives.

Through the woes and terrors, Yakubu managed to finish his degree program in Agriculture from the University of Maiduguri.

Now that he is a graduate, he is hoping he can find a job and help his family relocate to a safer place in Maiduguri or to an entirely new state for a change. But there is a challenge, in all his job applications, he has never received a reply email or invitation for an interview. He discovered he is grossly lacking in Employability Skills.

Our Job-Up project will train Yakubu and 19 other Graduates in his plight on:

·       - CV and Cover Letter Writing

·        - Job Search Strategies

·        - Acing Interviews

·        - Workplace Ethics and Etiquettes.

You can help Yakubu and other embattled graduates like him get trained and empowered to find jobs and provide safer and better life options for themselves and their families by giving a minimum donation of N1000 or more. You can give by clicking the ‘Donate’ button and following the instructions.



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