Why you should donate to keep Happy in school

Published Nov 21, 2021

The Foundation’s Ogun State Coordinator watched as every morning a single mother would take her 3 children to a public school at a long distance.

One day she talked to Mrs Omoruyi whose husband has passed on a while ago why they had to go the long distance to a public school and she explained that she couldn't afford a Private school close to home and that she has been struggling to feed them. The state coordinator sat the children down and tested what they had learnt so far.

Happy who was the eldest child could not read and she was in Primary 3 in her school, and the other children couldn’t read and write.

The Foundation tried to raise money for the 3 children for a private school close to home but could only raise for 2, Happy the eldest and Blessing the youngest.

They have been enrolled to a Private school and their academics are been monitored. Happy the eldest was enrolled to a lower class (Primary 1) because there was a lot she didn’t know and Blessing was enrolled into Kindergarten.

We have been able to pay Blessing's school fees for the term (8,000 Naira).

Happy's school fees is 10,000 Naira Per term and we are trying to raise funds so we can pay for her 2nd term school fees as examination approaches.

With your donation, Happy can stay in school and continue her education

Thank you.


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