Give a man his sight, then he dreams again!

Published Jul 19, 2021

Our Medical Outreaches in underserved communities continue to identify indigent Nigerians who are in dire need of healthcare. This time, at one of the eye screening exercises which we held in Agboyi Community, a frail looking, shaky, Mr Ajuwon was assisted to our venue where he was assessed by our Optometrist. He was held on both hands by his children as he could not help himself down from the house. This is not because he could not walk, however, he could hardly see with both eyes.

In his words as expressed during examination by the Optometrist, "Mo mo wipe nkan be lori patako Yi, sugbon mi o rii. Oju mi suu ni", meaning, "I know that you have your tools on this table but I cannot see it. It's all cloudy".

One would imagine what Mr Ajuwon has had to go through without the use of his eyes and living in an underserved, riverine community with a family all struggling to make ends meet. He was a fisherman at his younger years and could afford to feed his family until Cataract came for his eyes. Both eyes are badly affected at the moment.

Mr Ajuwon hopes to see clearly again with his eyes soon and go back to having a great life at the river banks where he tends for himself and family. We can all make his hopes and dreams come through again. 

Our team has embarked on the mission to make Mr Ajuwon see again through a Cataract surgery on both eyes and we hope to do this as quick as possible. We need 200,000 Naira for this surgery.

With your support, we can give Mr Ajuwon his eyes again and bring hope and succour to his family.

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