Zabeyidna Primary School has no chairs and desks for learning

Published Jun 12, 2021

The only primary school in the Zabeyidna Community of Niger State needs your urgent help. The school has no chair or desk for the over 250 children currently learning in the school. Though the school was established in 1992 but the government has not made any significant investment in the school other than the few teachers posted to the school.


The four dilapidated classrooms in the school were built by the community as a self-help project. The cost of one complete set of chair/desk that will seat 3 children is N10,000.  We are raising N1,000,000 to provide 100 of these chairs/desks to seat 300 children in the school. This will enable the children to be more comfortable while learning, unlike the current situation as you can see in the image above. No child should be subjected to learn in this inhuman condition. 


Your donation will contribute to improving access to quality education for these children.




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