Graduates should not be travelling frequently back to school for Transcripts and Certificates

Published Jun 11, 2021

We believe no one should die while trying to process an academic transcript or certificate in this age of technology. Unfortunately, people still die in this process either from road accidents or as victims of the current insecurity in the country. 

The question we have been asking is why universities have refused to make this process seamless leveraging technology? In this modern age, it should be easy to request, process and receive transcripts and certificates without physically travelling to the schools. This is why we are petitioning the National University Commission (NUC) to intervene and prevent any further loss of lives or kidnapping during this process. 

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The Executive Secretary

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We bring to your attention today, as concerned citizens, the hardship most graduates go through to collect their academic transcript and certificates. Most universities require graduates to physically travel down to their various schools to process these documents mentioned above despite the poor state of roads and level of insecurity in the country. Recently, a young lady who travelled from Oyo State to the Federal Capital Territory to process her academic transcript was raped and murdered.

We are using this petition to ask for your intervention. Intervention that would see that all universities in Nigeria initiate a seamless online process for requesting, processing, and delivering academic transcripts and certificates.

Thank you for this attention, and we look forward to your intervention.

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