The state of Nigeria's Educational system. How can the right leaders improve it?

Published Jul 4, 2022

Over the years, the Education system in Nigeria has gradually become a shadow of itself and is currently subsumed under a divisive preference for quantity over quality, visibility over impact, and aggregation over clustering. It has lost a significant portion of its relevance to the global trend of education and it is far from being close to the globe’s benchmark for education. The current challenges affecting the Nigerian education system has left much to be desired, the system is characterized by high illiteracy level, infrastructural decay, and deficits.

The Nigerian educational system is currently irrelevant and disoriented as a result of inconsistencies, non-implementation of educational polices, inadequate infrastructures in schools and indiscipline by stakeholders.

In a bid to engage in corrupt practices, the Nigerian government has failed to groom the general level of education, and reinforce the importance of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 thereby neglecting their obligatory commitment to an increased budgetary allocation for education. In Nigeria, the budgetary allocation to education has fallen below its benchmark and has oscillated fiercely in recent years.

The education system was created to enable youths to prepare for their future. Educational institutes are responsible for the skills, mind, and character development of students. However, there are many flaws in the Nigerian educational system that never let students achieve their desired goals. This is because of the old methods that never allow students to compete with the real world.

By voting, we are privileged to elect the right leaders who will represent us and our ideas, and support our interests. These leaders are the ones that will guide and direct individuals(stakeholders and policymakers) in an appropriate manner towards the implementation of their tasks and functions, provide solutions to various types of problems and challenges, make effective decisions and create amiable environmental conditions, which would facilitate the achievement of tangible outcomes within the educational ecosystem.


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