Remember to VOTE Right: an action call for youths to turnout during elections and vote the right candidate, in order to reverse this trend and re-engage the mindset of young people's participation in the political and democratic processes.

Published Jul 4, 2022

One of the most significant features of democracy is the provision that citizens should decide for themselves who will govern them and represent their interests

The future of Nigeria is shaped by the calibre of youths who participate in the politics of the country. Most of the main political actors of today within the age range of 45 and 65 are products of the political era of 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 general elections. The bulk of them were youths during these political dispensations and were hugely entangled with the politics of extreme violence, election rigging and other nefarious activities as these were the norms and values as practiced them.

How involved are young people in politics and how different is their outlook from that of middle-aged and older adults? To understand youth in politics we must compare their behaviour and values with those of middle-age and older citizens in order to see how much (or how little) difference there is between generations. While grandparents, parents and youths in the same family share blood ties, they often differ radically in their political experiences.

A new era of active youth participation is possible in Nigeria when the youths are involved in politics and they use their votes wisely this time—in electing their leaders and by being elected themselves. After the election results are announced, the victorious politicians should be humble and magnanimous in victory, while the gallant losers should go back to the drawing board and strategize towards subsequent opportunities.

Remember to VOTE Right therefore reminds us on the need to participate in voting as a civic duty to our nation.


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If you are interested in the future of Nigeria and are yet to obtain your PVC, kindly go to INEC Office and register to get your PVC Click Your vote can help decide the ongoing issues in your Community and State. #TakeACTION #VOTERight

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