Setting up of Rapid Response Booths on Sexual and Domestic violence in local communities of Oyo state Nigeria

Published Jul 19, 2021

This campaign is geared towards providing access to immediate response to women and girls facing or threatened with sexual/domestic violence in local communities in Oyo state Nigeria. 

It has been observed that many survivors of sexual and domestic violence are helpless as they are unaware of where to channel their plight in order to stop the abuse and as a result continue to be victims at the hands of perpetrators. While although, some speak up at a point, however, they are still unable to get the necessary help because most times the people they spoke to are usually unable to proffer them with the accurate response and intervention needed.

More so, it has been revealed that 70 % of girls between ages 3 and 16 facing sexual molestation and assaults are being abused by people living close to them, ranging from fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins or neighbors and these affinities always pose a threat of fear or shame too strong to encourage survivors to speak up. While also women facing domestic violence in marriages or those in an intimate partner relationship are often unsure of the certainty of getting help from their abusers if they speak up to the wrong person and therefore prefer to remain silent and eventually leading to loss of life or other grievous results. 

The Rapid Response booth on GBV at strategic locations in local communities such as schools, health centers etc, will help to achieve the following for survivors:

- Immediate help and rescue from the danger zone.

- Protect the identity of survivors and keep her story intact.

- Give immediate referral to appropriate quarters in the chain of GBV Response for survivors' attention.

- Obtain, document and preserve evidence needed to procure justice for survivors.

- Eliminate the culture of silence and ultimately help to curb gender based violence etc.

Therefore, kindly help us provide rapid response to women and girls facing sexual, domestic and all forms of gender violence in local communities by donating to support this campaign.



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