Building a Competent Workforce through Educator Training

Published Jul 21, 2021



7 in 11 Educators (nearly 65 percent in Africa) do not have access to practical teaching tools, project-based learning resources, and improved knowledge on new instructional pedagogy needed to be integrated in the 21st-century classrooms.

As an African woman who was under-employed and depressed in 2015 due to lack of technical skills after graduating,  there is a need to revolutionize Education in Africa and teacher development where an effective teaching system enable educators to integrate pedagogical techniques for a more robust, inquiry-based and Project-based learning tailored for the Future of Works because most students entering primary school today will work in jobs that don't yet exist.


By 2025, we are expecting at least 8 million jobs in West Africa dependent on skills learned in STEM learning courses. But experts estimate that less than twenty-five million of those jobs will go to young students from Elite schools, with five million or more of these well-paid positions going to foreign applicants/expatriates.

To remain competitive in a growing global economy where 96% of jobs are now automated, we are refining young talents by empowering Educators in marginalized communities with project-based and inquiry-based approaches, where talents can effectively transition from education to employment.


The future economic growth of Africa depends on an aligned education and future-focused system that supports developmental efforts in generating young talents needed to become self-reliant and problem-solvers using Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Innovation.


We kindly solicit support to improve teachers' development that will propel labor market outcomes, decreased productivity and economic growth.


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