Published Jul 19, 2021

My name is  (Name Redacted). I am from one of the metropolitan local Government of  Kano state, my story started when I was 16 years old.

I was living an average life with my mother and siblings because I lost my father when I was 14. Our mother was using every way possible to take care of all our needs including our education. Anything that will stop me from attending school or concentrating on my studies, has been something unacceptable to me and i was taking all the necessary measures within my limit towards the achievement of my goals, because my dream was to become a great doctor.  I was very smart and obedient student and also lucky because everything was going smooth until when I finished SS1 going to SS2. Then the whole world took a turn against me.

One Sunday morning.. ( unarguably the most terrible Sunday in my life), I was in the midst of helping my mother with house chores when our eldest brother came in. After all the formalities, we the minors stand to leave the room for him and my mother to discuss, when he calls my name and said I should remain. To cut the long story short he said he could not sponsor my education because to him girl's education is a waste of time and resources, and so, he  decided to reduce the burden and  married me off to an elderly man who was  already married to  3 other wives and large number of children living in a squalor condition. Narrating how I felt or the violence and torment I went through from the Husband and  other members of the family is a waste of time. So in less than 1 year of the marriage he divorced me and sent me back to my father's house with 3 months pregnancy and not good enough to even take  care of the unborn child. 

I was left sick and malnourished with the herculean task of nursing and raising a child, I always weep when I see my siblings who we used go to school together in their uniforms preparing for school in their way of achieving unobstructed while I hold crying baby whom I could couldn't even bath if not for the help of my mother. I always yearn for going to play with my friends who deserted me for they consider us different now that I am a mother. The child has become a representation of my shattered dreams and the reason for my rejection among my peers.

I am currently recuperating and gaining back my strength, and the desire to pursue my dreams of becoming a medical doctor. As such  I could help prevent someone from going through what I went through. I and my child are currently supported by my mother who is also indigent and in need of help. If I could get a little help or sponsorship  to finish my secondary school education and continue my education it will mean a world to me.

This is My story

Writer's comment 

This is a story of a young girl who is living in the community in which my organization serve. She has a greater potential of becoming a useful member of the society but unfortunately been cutoff from her dreams and end of getting harassed, maltreated and violated. We are currently working towards helping this girl put her life back together and we call on you to take action.

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