Building Employability Skills Into Higher Education Curriculum in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions

Published Nov 16, 2021

Unemployment is a deadly dragon ravaging the Nigerian economy. Statistics reveal that the Nigerian unemployment rate is at an all-time high at 33.3% only 2nd to South Africa in the Global list of unemployment rates. The big excuse people give when asked questions on the subject, government corruption and the sorry state of the economy. But there is a bigger problem; 'Un-employability'.

Despite few jobs and a multitude of graduates, it is still difficult to fill up job vacancies. A study by Bentley University, a private business school in Waltham Massachusetts showed that three-quarters of college graduates are not prepared for the job market and lack adequate work ethic. If that is true in the United States of America, imagine what the statistics will be in Nigeria.

Moremi was a Second Class Upper Division graduate of Mathematics and Statistics from one of the top 5 universities in the country. She left school with such high hopes believing she had been equipped to face the world and will be rewarded for her hard work. 

When I met Moremi through the Job-Up Project, it was 5 years of struggling to get a decent job. Application after the application was greeted with those sweet-sounding yet heartbreaking rejection emails.

One look at her resume, it was nothing to write home about, she knew nothing about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and how to beat it, had no interview experience.  The challenge all the while has been her ignorance and not her village people as many thought.

A little tweak on her resume, training and coaching and Moremi landed a well-paying job with a Fin-Tech firm in Abuja in less than two months. There are reported, at least 600,000 Moreni's being graduated from the tertiary institutions in Nigeria every year.

Don't you think it is high time we lent our voices and insisted on employability skills to be built into the higher education curriculum in Nigeria especially in public schools? If you agree, kindly vote and let us save more Moremis from wasting another 5years of their precious lives.




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