Vote right to sustain the peace and gains we have made over the years as a country.

Published Jul 5, 2022



Liberians everywhere want better lives for themselves and their country; and Liberians deserve nothing but the best. With this campaign, I do proclaim a Liberia where every citizen can achieve and actualize his or her potential; a Liberia where rule of law and civil liberty are guaranteed; a Liberia where accountability has no exception; a Liberia with a merit-based system; a Liberia with functional institutions driven by substantive democracy; and a Liberia that prioritizes investments in human capital and public infrastructure. Essentially, the Liberia to which we aspire shall improve the wellbeing of all. Voting right can help make the Liberia we envisage become a reality. 

Come 2023, vote for a candidate with a platform that has intrest in meaningful investments in public infrastructure such as road and electricity as well as agriculture and human capital to guarantee economic growth and development. A platform that has a plan for citizens to enjoy the direct relationship between economic growth and access to improved school system, healthcare and reduction in poverty level. A candidate with a platform that also highlight intrest in increasing literacy rates and further benefit from the dividend of economic development with an increment in life expectancy.

Come 2023, vote right to consilodate the gains we have made as a country so far.



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Join me to vote right and help sustain the peace and gains we have made over the years as a country.

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