Big Brother Naija: Entertainment, education and social impact.

Published Jan 31, 2018
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After much anticipation, the third episode of the TV reality show #Bbnaija has kicked off. Needless to say from the reactions of both active viewers and passive commentators of last year’s edition, the outcome of the show certainly left the country with something to debate on. All work and no play, after all, makes Jack a dull boy.

In the wake of the many challenges facing the country’s development, however, a reality show as this does one thing; makes a larger chunk of the citizenry forget their woes of a failing state while it lasts.

Reality TV shows garner a lot of viewers, hence if well planned could be harnessed to impact the society enormously. In an attempt to revamp the attitude of viewers to the state of educational decadence in the country, the sponsors can structure the show in a way in which the participants are obliged to perform social services in the line of education such as weekly volunteering sessions in public schools.

Better still; a roundtable discussion focusing on education can also be introduced. Or perhaps in a debate session, housemates could be asked to pitch what their influences would be in reforming education in the country if they are placed in the position to do so. These tasks should definitely have a way of influencing the participants’ eviction from the house. Such additions will help portray the show as fun-filled, intellectually tasking and socially impactful.


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Oluwafemi Hannah Akangbe

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