Innovative education initiatives around the world, for and by young people

Published Feb 12, 2018
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Research reveals that 65% of children who start primary school today will end up working in completely new job types. Technological innovations are changing the way we look at the job market and will continue to do so. So the question is: How do we make sure young people are prepared for jobs that don’t exist yet?


These education initiatives, founded and spearheaded by young leaders around the world, might have the answer:

  • The Biz Nation is a a social enterprise founded by three Colombian sisters focused on making productive education accessible to everyone. Through innovative and dynamic

e-learning solutions, they provide young people with marketable skills, entrepreneurship and financial education.

  • CampBuni, which is the Buni-Swahili for ‘innovate,’ is a design thinking and entrepreneurship camp for teens aged 13-18. The programme aims to teach students how to apply skills learned in an academic setting and develop solutions to real-life problems. The inaugural camp took place at iHub in Nairobi, Kenya, last July.
  • The Young Potential Development (YPD) Ecuador is a social enterprise that works with students and low income communities to discover their potential by developing a solid skill set in communication, energy, creativity and leadership.
  • We Think Code_ is training South Africans for the digital economy by providing them with coding skills to solve problems in a peer-to-peer environment. The programme accepts anyone between the age of 17 and 35 years old and successful applicants are granted a two-year, tuition-free programming course.


Interested in exploring more innovative education initiatives for and by young people? Watch the Education Plenary Session at the One Young World Summit 2017, the global forum for young leaders, in Bogotá, Colombia. The Summit brought together 1,400+ delegates from more than 190 countries, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change.


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