Why every Nigerian with internet access should join iTakeActions and take actions

Published Jun 14, 2018

Nigeria with a population of about 194 million has at least 7.7 million people that need humanitarian assistance, 2.6 million need food assistance, 1.6 million people have fled their homes and are displaced due to the reoccurring level of violence in their region and over 10 million children are still out of school and are in dire need of a proper education. These are the latest facts published by the United Nations which only demonstrates the current state of emergency that Nigeria is presently in.    

It is a long road to resolving many of these social and economic problems. A road that must have a vision, goal and active participation from its citizens. Citizen participation is important that they are steady voice that drives important changes, raises awareness and creates movements. One such movement that requires its citizens’ participation today is the I Take Actions.

Every Nigerian in today’s digital era, who has adequate access to Internet resources should join the I Take Actions movement to help raise awareness for the urgent need for quality education in Nigeria today and to positively contribute in making this change a reality. Without its citizens’ active involvement, the journey to obtaining better standards of education for every Nigerian child will be a long and difficult one unless the importance is recognised today and actioned upon.

Citizen participation can be made through various ways such as;

  • Creating general awareness and giving a voice to the existing issues by talking about this problem of poor educational standards currently and what is being done to address this.
  • Identifying and helping to rebuild neighbouring communities where schools have been destroyed which forces children to remain at home or travel for miles to obtain an education, and therefore over time they do not receive this quality education.
  • Recognising teaching as a noble profession and therefore encouraging many youth and young adults to become teachers, who in turn can help provide better standards of education over time. Those interested in teaching as a profession who use free and quality online resources to upskill themselves to become better teachers.
  • Raising funds online to help communities build schools, hire teachers, provide teaching resources such as books, stationary and classroom facilities and aid children who require assistance with getting into the school program.

And finally, through the I Take Actions movement, citizens can now take actions to advance education in Africa , starting with Nigeria.

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