Taking Actions for Education Project

Published Jun 4, 2018

Noble Missions has created a three-year pilot active citizenship project called ‘Taking Actions for Education’ to engage at least 10,000 citizens aged 15-35 in Nigeria. In particular, the goal is to educate citizens and empower them to maximize available digital tools and opportunities to become active citizens.


Historically in Nigeria, civic participation has been quite low and it’s time to change that. The first step is to educate citizens on their responsibilities in a democracy and provide them with a platform and the tools with which to make changes. Active participation in a democracy like Nigeria, has significant impact on government’s actions. Political corruption for example will decrease, and government’s policies can be shifted to better address the needs of the citizens like in the case of the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ campaign. Noble Missions hopes that this project will lead to increased participation of citizens in improving the quality of education in Nigeria. 65 million people are considered illiterate, and UNESCO ranked Nigeria 103rd out of 113 countries in education due to the rampant problems. It is time for citizens to get involved and change the status quo together!


The project will encourage participants to maximize the iTakeActions platform. On the iTakeActions platform, there are opportunities to take different actions like signing the ongoing petition to The Prime Minister of France, Emmanuel Macron, to use his July visit to emphasize the importance of education. People are also encouraged to send email, share tweets and co-fun to solve critical education needs as well as report conditions of schools in community or other education related issues like sexual abuse, extortion, corruption, teachers’ absenteeism, etc. For taking actions on the platform, citizens are rewarded with Act-Bit Coins which can be traded in for rewards like event tickets, sales discount vouchers, and free gifts. The platform’s system positively reinforces activism which is an excellent way to create engagement.


Taking Actions for Education project will be implemented through series of workshops for young people in the communities, schools and recent graduates. Other strategies include quarterly competition and annual award for most active citizen. Through the many approaches this project is taking advantage of, and the tools being provided, citizens’ awareness about the active citizenship and their participation will increase. This will ultimately lead to more citizens taking actions for the advancement of education in Nigeria. The project will extend to other African countries after the pilot phase in Nigeria.

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