Educating the Society for Better Politics

Published Apr 2, 2019
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The influence between politics and education, politicians and society, doesn’t go just one way; it is much more a mutual action where both sides significantly shape the other. The new established government will have immediate consequences for education and society, such as supplying schools with needed materials and equipment, investing in teacher training and providing up to date school programs. On the other hand, this same government will also, with its decisions regarding the education, cause some long-term consequences. Let’s think about how these new generations in schools will be impacted in the long run. In which way and to which extent the society gets educated will also determine whom the society will allow to lead it. It will affect their behavior and thoughts about politics, political systems and policies.

When educated properly, young adults develop firm opinions on what is reasonable and what not, what are community’s biggest needs and what are the best solutions for society’s problems. They will know that politics are an inevitable part of approaching almost every problem in the country and therefor they will not neglect their right to have a say in it. They will have opinions on the most appropriate way of selecting the president, how long he/she should take this place and when the time comes for the new one. Educated society will realize its rights for positive changes and will be aware of the power they have over politics. Another long-term consequence of educating children is forming future qualified leaders. One day they will take over the leading positions and by then, they will understand how much an efficient education system has helped them and will continue to support it. On one hand they will be well educated and competent to lead the country and on another hand they will continue investing in next generations. Although education system cannot survive without politics, politics shouldn’t exist without being controlled and influenced by the society.

When politics can act as a single, unsupervised unity, things can get out of control and very often people aren’t aware of this. They aren’t aware that political bodies are functioning as an unsupervised system because they didn’t get a chance to learn about their rights to influence the politics and consequentially didn’t realize how much change this right can cause. Without proper education people are easily subordinated and controlled; they are easily manipulated. A society who isn’t educated well will also have it difficult to overcome this pattern because they won’t get the chance to develop themselves as future leaders. This has happened more than enough times and there is no reason why children shouldn’t have it better in the future. But for them to have better living conditions, adults will need to step up. With that being said it is time to emphasize how important is for society to play an active role in politics.

The Election Day is time to play the most important role, even for those who aren’t generally interested in getting tangled with politics. Without investing in children today we consciously lower the changes of a better future for all generations, because, as earlier said: the relationship politics-education doesn’t just go one way, it is a mutual impact. With good decisions regarding the elections those same children who are currently in schools will have a great impact on how the future of the country will look like, as well as who will lead it.

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Ana Dimitrov

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