Provide clean water for children in schools

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In March 2021, UNICEF sounded an alarm: nearly one-third of Nigerian children do not have enough water to meet their daily needs. Ironically, Nigeria is rich in water resources. In fact, many of its 36 states are named after rivers that run through the country. However, according to WaterAid, 57 million Nigerians, especially those in dire poverty in the countryside, do not have clean water access. Almost 45,000 children under five years old die in the country every year due to poor water and sanitation. UNICEF added that 83 percent of Nigerian schools

“lack water supply [and] improved sanitation.” For instance, in July 2018, three students of Queen’s College, Lagos, died from a gastroenteritis epidemic resulting from contaminated water sources.

Further studies show that installing hand pumps and securing a safe water line in community schools significantly boost attendance among learners, who already do not have to spend hours collecting usable and drinkable water. The need for pristine and stable access to this invaluable resource is much more critical now amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of changing climate. Water systems have to be sustainable so that they can serve communities for a long time.


Take this action in contribution to making water security a priority. Urge the FCT Water Management Board to fix the broken water supply of community schools in the FCT!

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