Frequently asked questions

What is iTakeActions?

iTakeActions is a citizen engagement web platform designed to help amplify community issues. And help organizations create campaigns and mobilize citizens for support.

What does it mean to take action?

Taking action is simply either raising your voices, creating awareness or supporting a cause by taking any of the available actions on the platform.

Why the name?

It is a call for Nigerians to stand up and take responsibility, instead of regularly waiting for the government.

What are the benefits of joining?

As an active user on the platform, you will have opportunities to contribute to the development of society by taking actions on the platform. You get rewarded for your actions with the platform’s Actbit coins.

How can I join?

You can join anytime by visiting the signup page to register with your email.

Is it only for Nigerians?

You do not need to be a Nigerian or live in Nigeria to take actions. But only organizations registered in Nigeria are allowed to create campaigns/calls for actions. . We will be scaling to other African countries soon.

What can I report on the platform?

You can report any issue on the platform. But we are more interested in issues that affect children’s access to quality education or any other issue that affects the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How do I take action?

Click on the 'TAKE ACTIONS' tab at the top menu, and click on any of the actions that you would like to take. When the landing page of the action opens, click on the green button to take the action.

Do I really get rewarded?

Absolutely, you do. The rewards are real. Regularly check the ‘REWARD’ page to enter to win any available rewards.

How does the rewarding work?

When a user takes an action, the user earns the Actbit Coins assigned to that particular action. These earned coins can then be used to shop for rewards in the reward page. The user's accumulated coins depletes when the user enters to win a reward.

How can we use the platform as an organization?

Organizations can join the platform to run their campaigns and mobilize citizens for support. Only users can register an organization. From your drop down menu after signing in, click on ‘Register your organization’ and complete the form.

What can an organization use the platform for?

Organizations can use the platform to get citizens to sign petitions, donate to causes, run email campaigns, share tweets, vote on issues and share opinions, depending on the level of access the organization has.

Please, kindly contact us if you have any other questions. Thank you.

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