Frequently Asked Questions

iTakeActions is an online community of citizens who are taking actions to improve the standard of living for Africans, starting with taking actions to advance education in Nigeria. 

You can join anytime by visiting the signup page to register with your email or use any of the social login  buttons to get started now. 

Yes but you must be registered and sign in before you can submit a report.

You can report any education issue; anything or activity that has become an obstacle for any Nigerian to access quality education.

Click on the 'TAKE ACTIONS' tab at the top menu, and click on any of the actions that you would like to take. When the landing page of the action opens, click on the green button to take the action.

When a user takes action, the user earns the ActBit Coins assigned to that particular action. These earned coins can then be used to shop for rewards in the reward page. The user's accumulated coins depletes when the user enters to win a reward.