How Citizens Brought Hope for the Pupils of Hotoro North Primary School in Kano State
Photo by Tracka

The inadequacies of the primary section of Nigeria’s educational system is one which is glaring and has prompted massive uproar from individuals and organizations which is why it was no surprise when Tracka, a program of Budgit Foundation, tweeted some images about the bad state of learning conditions of students at Hotoro North Primary School in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano State. According to Tracka, Kano State allocated 17.79 Billion Naira to the Ministry of Education in its 2017 budget. It is amazing that despite such allocation and over 246 Billion Naira 2018 state budget, such a bad learning environment still exists in the state where children risk their lives when it rains to get an education.

Knowing how passionate we are about ensuring quality education for all, we created a “call for tweet actions” where we implored citizens to help us draw the attention of the Executive Governor of Kano state, Dr. Umar Ganduje towards the poor state of the primary education sector in Kano State by sharing our prepared tweet with him on Twitter to take appropriate actions and provide basic infrastructures that would make school’s conducive for learning.

The tweet read:
Dear @GovUmarGanduje the present condition of Hotoro North primary school during the rainy season is very bad. I join @TrackaNG and other concerned citizens to call on you to take swift and appropriate actions to make the school conducive for learning.

After a few weeks of running this campaign, Tracka reported that the governor approved and awarded a sum of 329 Million Naira contract for the renovation and upgrading of the Hotoro North Primary School. The lost glory of this public primary school was restored.

Let’s continue to be relentless as we take action for a better quality of education that is accessible and available for all.

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In our call, we advised that the show should be used to promote the importance of education and that they structure the show in a way in which the participants are obliged to perform social services in the line of education such as weekly volunteering sessions in public schools.


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