iTakeActions Empowers Citizens to Engage #BBNAIJA to Promote Education
MultiChoice Nigeria

Urging MultiChoice Nigeria to use the third episode of the TV reality show #Bbnaija to promote education was our major call for actions when we launched the iTakeActions’ platform on the 1st of March, 2018. In our call, we advised that the show should be used to promote the importance of education and that they structure the show in a way in which the participants are obliged to perform social services in the line of education such as weekly volunteering sessions in public schools. We also suggested that a round-table discussion focusing on education could be introduced or perhaps in a debate session, housemates could be asked to pitch what their influences would be in reforming education in Nigeria if they are placed in the position to do so.

This call for actions attracted 30 actions from citizens registered on the platform, and we received several responses from the MultiChoice Nigeria Team, promising that the management will look into it. As usual, we almost gave up the struggle until we saw the challenges the housemates were presented with on the 11th of April, 2018; which was less than 2 weeks to the end of the show. The housemates were given an opportunity to score penalty goals, and for every goal scored by a housemate, a primary school chosen by the housemate gets financial support of One Hundred Thousand Naira. This challenge earned 6 primary schools a total of Eight Hundred Thousand Naira. Later on that same day, just as we recommended, the housemates were challenged to prepare and pitch about ‘How everyone deserves an education and the future of Nigeria with educated and empowered youth.’ This challenge earned another public primary school in Edo State, financial support of Eight Hundred Thousand Naira. These financial supports were provided by Airtel Nigeria. The challenge also brought out several creative ideas as suggested by the housemates during their pitches, on how the educational system in Nigeria could be overhauled.

We believe these actions by MultiChoice Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria, have further advanced education in Nigeria and will have more positive effects on the system in the future. It also shows that these companies listen to citizens’ voices.

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